Community Representation

Description of Committees Roscommon PPN are already represented on

Roscommon County Childcare Committee: – (1 Rep)

Roscommon County Childcare Committee is one of thirty-three County/City Childcare Committees that have been established throughout the country, to co-ordinate a strategy to promote and develop universal quality childcare that is affordable and accessible to all in the community.

Roscommon Heritage Forum: – (1 Rep)

The function of County Roscommon Heritage Forum is to compile the County Roscommon Heritage Plan and to oversee its implementation. The current County Heritage Plan runs until the end of 2016. The Heritage Forum should be comprised of representatives of bodies and groups involved in the heritage within the county. Heritage Forum members are asked to participate in 4 Heritage Forum meetings per year. The aim of these meetings is to arrange for implementation of actions from the County Roscommon Heritage Plan.

Joint Policing Committee: – 3 Reps – (1 per Municipal District)

The Roscommon County Council Joint Policing Committee (JPC) has been established under the Garda Siochana Act 2005 and the committee includes representatives from the elected members of Roscommon County Council, Oireachtas Members, Garda representatives, representatives from the community and voluntary sector and officials of Roscommon County Council. The function of the Committee is to serve as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the local authorities administrative area.

County Roscommon Rural Transport Forum: – 3 Reps – (1 per Municipal District)

The ROLE of the Transport Forum is to identify transport needs and address transport deficits while applying a social inclusion focus to the design of Transport Services and Models.

Local Community Development Committee: – 5 Reps – (2 Social inclusion, 2 Community and Voluntary, 1 Environment)

LCDCs have primary responsibility for coordinating, planning and overseeing local and community development funding; Bring a more-joined up approach to the implementation of local and community development programmes and interventions, pursuing an integrated approach to local community based services across providers and delivery structures; Drive meaningful citizen and community engagement in the scoping, planning and evaluation of local and community development programmes; Pursue a more cost efficient administration of local and community development programmes and delivery structures, the matching of resources to priorities and better value-for money in the management and delivery of programmes; Focus on learning and feedback, enhancing the links between services delivery and policy development; Pursue opportunities for additional funding for the area, whether exchequer, EU, private or other sources

Environment & Emergency Strategic Policy Committee 2 Reps (1 Env 1 C&V)

River Basin Management Plans
Noise Action Plans
Advertising Signs Policy
Refuse Collection Waiver Scheme
Bye-laws on Storage and Collection of Household waste
Biodiversity Plan
Litter Management Plan
Connaught Waste Management Plan
Rural Water Programme
Civic Amenity Sites and Landfills
Environmental Sustainability Issues
Environmental Awareness / Education
Renewable Energy Projects
Wastewater Discharge Licensing
Group Water Licensing
Major Emergency Management
Fire and Emergency Services 

Housing & Corporate Strategic Policy Committee 3 Reps (2 Social Inclusion 1 C&V)

Housing Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2014
Revised Procedure for Repossessing Local Authority Dwellings
Tenant Purchase of Local Authority Houses
Housing Assistance Payment Scheme
Direct Deduction of Rent by the Minister for Social Protection
Rent Scheme -Amendment of section 31 (rent schemes and charges) of Act of 2009
National Housing Strategy for People with a Disability 2011-2016
National Guidelines for the Assessment and Allocation Process for Housing Provision for People with a Disability
National Social Housing Strategy
National Quality Standards Framework for Homeless Services in Ireland
Energy Efficiency/Retrofitting Programme – Information

Economic & Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee 2 Reps (1 Env 1 C&V)

Bye-laws for Development and Management of Cemeteries
Road Maintenance and Improvement Policies
Local Improvement Schemes
Road Safety Issues
Irish Language Plan
Arts Plan
Social Inclusion Plan
Play Policy
Tourism Plan
Library Plan
L.E.C.P. Plan 

Planning & Finance Strategic Policy Committee 2 Reps (1 Env 1 C&V)

County Development Plan
Development Contribution Scheme
Local Area Plans
Village Design Statements
Strategic Environmental Assessments and Habitats Assessments
Landscape Character Assessments
Retail Strategy
Heritage Plan
Conservation Issues including Record of Protected Structures
Sustainable Rural Housing Guidelines
Regional Planning Guidelines
Development Management Guidelines and Standards
Control of Quarries
Building Control
Unfinished Housing Estates